We create buildings of high aesthetic value for lovers of the wonderful island light and deep blue of the Aegean sea. We build robust constructions, which encapsulate your desires, in harmony with the natural landscape, and with an eye to the Cycladic traditions. Our guiding principles are enhanced through:

Through research and analysis we study the parameters of location and construction and we approach architecture with emphasis on:

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the development prospects of our region. We provide carefully selected real estate prospects, with the necessary construction permits to secure solid returns for potential investors.

We live, we are inspired and we create in an established tourist paradise, the island of Paros, with more than 250,000 visitors annually from all over the world.

Time, Place, Sun, Light, View

These are the concepts and criteria that matter the most to us, and which give our creations their unique character, as well as being innovative and practical.

We provide you with solutions to get the most from your property, like multi-level patios and shade for the outside, or, comfortable interiors with clever features to fully exploit every aspect of a space.

We specialize in residential complexes which maintain the unique character of the Cycladic villages, and are at home in their surroundings.

We know how to make your dreams come true.

We forge direct links between our clients and contractors to fully realize our ideas.